Woman Tried to Commit Suicide by Jumping Into a River But Failed Because of Her Fat?

A suicidal lady from Guangdong, China, was devastated when she tried to kill herself. However, her attempt at suicide failed.

In an attempt to take her own life, she jumped into a river but instead of drowning, she actually floated. It turned out she was not dense enough to float on the water.

As she was floating on the river on her back, she was spotted by a passerby who immediately called for help.

The rescuers initially tried to use a car seat strap as a rope to save the lady but the lady wouldn't fit. Eventually they found a way to get her ashore.

The reason for her suicide remains unclear.

Specialists suggested that it was the lady's unusually high body fat percentage that saved her that day.

Fat is less dense than water and thus people with more body fat have better chances of floating than those with less.

Other people speculated that it wasn't just the lady's fat that saved her. It appeared she knows how to swim and it might be her body reflex that reacted to the situation when she tried to drown herself.


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