Woman Instructs Maid to Cook Fish For Dinner But Comes Home to an Expensive Pet Fish Served at Their Dining Table!

Losing a beloved pet is very close to the pain caused by losing a close relative or a lover. But what if one day you see your favorite pet served at your table for dinner?! This was exactly what Pauline Pau experienced one night thanks to her Indonesian helper.

The newly hired house helper, according to Cosmo.ph, was instructed to cook some seafood stocked in the house before Pau left for work. The helper cooked something from the sea alright, but it turned out to be Pau's brother's Luo Han, a flowerhorn cichlid fish.

On her Facebook account, Pau lamented: "I’m not sure if I should blame my domestic helper because my instruction may have confused her. Should I be more upset with myself or her?"

Pau also posted images of the poor fish, before and after getting cooked.

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