WATCH: Couple Sells Baby in Exchange for iPhone 7 and a Motorcycle!

One of the biggest problems in China is child trafficking. According to reports, about 40% of child trafficking cases were linked to parents trying to sell their own children to other people.

Parents who were found guilty of selling their own children seem to blame the country's "one-child policy." This controversial policy was introduced in 1979 to address population and poverty issues and was formally phased out in 2015

The "one-child policy" however is not the sole reason why Chinese parents would sell their own kids. Recent studies revealed that some parents sell their own just to afford certain luxuries.

The story of a young couple who sold their 18-day-old baby has gone viral online.

The couple met at work, fell in love and decided to live together. An unpleasant pregnancy soon followed.

They were sure their combined income would be enough to support their child so the father came up with a "perfect solution." He decided to sell their child online.

The 19-year-old father by the name of Aduan, sold the child on a site named QQ. He reportedly received 23,000 Yuan (about 3,500 USD) in exchange for his own child and used the money to buy an iPhone7 and a motorcycle.

Many netizens got furious. They believe Aduan is a good contender for The Worst Father of the Year title.

The child was bought by an unidentified man who said he did it for his sister. The buyer later turned himself in after he delivered the child to his sister. The baby has not been removed from his sister's house, according to reports.

The mother of the child, Xiao Mei, also 19 years of age, was caught by the police soon after the buyer surrendered.

Aduan was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. His girlfriend was given two and a half.

Watch the video below to find out more of the story.

Source: Viral Vidyos 

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