WARNING: Never Leave Your Toddlers Alone With Your Baby — Or This Might Happen!

This is a must-watch for parents and parents-to-be out there.

Being a mother is not at all an easy task. They are expected to do several household chores. They cook, clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry -- and they need to attend to their children, especially babies and toddlers.

Here's a viral video of a toddler who was left with his two baby brothers while their mother went away for a brief moment to attend to something else.

This is a 47-second video clip and in that short span of time the toddler inadvertently did something really horrible, which of course he's not really aware of.

In the video, the two babies lying in bed started crying, which prompted the toddler to approach them. In an attempt to calm one of his baby brothers, he tried to carry the baby, possibly mimicking what he sees her mother do when his baby brothers cry.

However, the baby appears to be too heavy for the toddler, leaving the toddler to drop the baby headlong. The fall didn't look very good but the baby can been seen to be crying after..

The toddler tried to lift the baby once again. He managed to carry the baby a bit longer this time but ended up dropping him once again.

Good thing the mother came to the scene and the video was cut.

It didn't seem at all that the mother was reckless, checking how soon all this happened. However, we ought to realize that 47 seconds had been enough to take a baby's life, had the fall been any worse.

To all parents out there, NEVER leave your babies out of sight even for just a brief moment.

Watch the shocking video below.


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