VIRAL: Thai Man Legally Married Both Twin Sisters! Can You Believe This?!

Wedding is one of the most memorable events in one's life and people spend a lot of time preparing for it. There has been some peculiar ways spent tying the knot -- others wed mid-air while bunjee jumping, others marry underwater, and so on.

This wedding of a Thai couple (rather, a Thai party) can be considered as one of the most unbelievable weddings ever, not because of the venue but because of the unique setup.

A Thai guy from Samut Songkram Province can't choose which one to marry between his twin childhood friends which he both fell for. The lucky guy's name is Wichai Tao, and he made a tough decision to marry both of the twins claiming he feels the same for both Sirintara and Thipawan (the twins).

Surprisingly, both of the twins said yes to him knowing of the situation. Apparently, the twins made a promise a long time ago to marry the same man, which is very convenient for Wichai.

Wichai assured that his love for the twin sisters are equal and proudly declared that he can handle performing his duties as their husband.

After the wedding, the party lived in Wichai's family house where his mother prepared two separate rooms for his two wives.

What's more amusing about their setup is this: During the first three nights of the week, he would be sleeping with Thipawan; during the next three nights, he would be with Sirintara; and on Sundays,  the three of them would be spending the night in one bed.

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