VIRAL: The Latest Party Games That Will Surely Blow Your Mind!

As we approach modernization and advancement in technology, there are many things from people's lifestyles and morals that are also subject to change, either for the better or for the worse.

The older generation relatively are said to be more conservative and more prim compared to the recent ones. The videos below showing the latest party games are far from being conservative.

In one of the games, the men are lined up and tied with a banana hanging in front of their crotches and the ladies are to compete eating the banana as fast as they can, peeling it first just by using their mouths.

A few other games involve using the same fruit while the others include the men popping a balloon placed on the ladies' behind while bending forward.

To get a full picture of these games, watch the videos below.

Mind you, these games are not for the conservative type and are intended solely to just have some fun. They're called party games, after all.

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