VIRAL: James Reid and Nadine Lustre's Private Moment Inside a Tent is Circulating Online! A Must-See!

#TeamReal's announcement of James Reid and Nadine Lustre's being officially a real-life couple has only made their fans love them more.

More and more fans have become curious of their adventures together and a lot of people have followed them in their movies and projects in the entertainment industry.

Recently, photos of their private moments inside a tent have been circulating online.

The images show intimate moments between the couple and how sweet they are inside the tent. Some netizens were happy to have a glimpse of their sweetness but there are some who were not happy about it.

The viral photos were uploaded by an unofficial Facebook page of Kathryn Bernardo. Some angry netizens were questioning the admins of the page as to why these private photos were posted.

Other netizens focused on how inappropriate Nadine's outfit was and what exactly were the couple doing inside the tent. On the other hand, others defended the couple, saying there is nothing wrong with being intimate inside their tent since they're officially a couple and in love with one another.

The real question to most netizens though is -- who took the photos and why were these made available online?

Take a look at these controversial photos below.

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