Woman Gave Birth in a Wheelchair After Hospital Refuses to Admit Her! WATCH HERE!

A video of pregnant woman giving birth in a wheelchair outside a hospital has gained the attention of netizens.

The pregnant woman, according to the post, was refused to be admitted in a certain district hospital since she had no money for hospital bills. In addition, the woman was homeless. Some ambulance drivers took action in the situation and she had been assisted by some nurses while giving birth.

In the video below, it can be seen that the baby is being held by one of the nurses, while another was trying to cut the umbilical cord. The woman was shown standing across the wheelchair all throughout and was grasping at the armrest for support. After the umbilical cord got successfully cut, the woman was assisted inside the hospital while the baby was rushed to get medical attention.

Many netizens noted how excruciating it was for the mother having to give birth without any anesthesia at all. Most of the comments, however, criticized the hospital for refusing to admin the poor woman in this life-and-death situation. Netizens cited how the law mandates that hospitals should never refuse patients, especially those who needs immediate attention.

One of the comments, from a woman expressing her anger towards the hospital, reads: 
"Wlnghiyang hospital yan wlng puso…tama,dpt bgo mgbuo ng pamilya icpin muna hnd puro pasarap lng kwwa ang babae."

Another netizen shared the same sentiment and said: "Sana naman huwag na isipin kung meron o walang pambayad yung tao ang isipin sana ng hospital kung paano mailigtas ang buhay ng bata. Dalawang buhay kc ang nakataya...

Saludo ako sa mga nagbigay ng magandang loob dapat silang tularan..."

The viral video reached over two thousand reactions and has been shared over five thousand times.

Watch the video below. What can you say about this? Share your thoughts!

Video: Egrantz

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