SHOCKING: Watch How This Man Violently Hits His Girlfriend Inside a Bus!

Scenarios of violence against women are truly heartbreaking to witness. Their right to be respected gets neglected and so long as there's violence against the "gentler gender," we can never really achieve equality among sexes

The social media nowadays has been used as an effective tool for reporting what's happening in the public. It reflects the current issues that both the government and the public need to address.

This terrible video of a man hitting a woman inside a bus recently made rounds online.

Uploaded by Jameson Ramirez, the video clip shows how a man violently hits and grabs the woman's hair, who was probably his partner. The caption of the video also mentioned the man bumping the woman's head in a metallic pole before getting off the bus.

Netizens were quick to react with sympathies for the girl and fury against the guy. The man's behavior should never be tolerated and women deserve far more respect than this. 

Watch the actual footage below.

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