SHOCKING! Guy Punches Malaysian Girl After Showing Her His Private Part!

A 20-year-old college student from Johor, Rochelle Wayne Ubong, was shocked when a man in his thirties unzipped his pants and flashed his private part before snatching her handbag and punching her hard in the face when she attempted to run away.

The incident happened in front of the victim's house in Tanjung Puteri Indah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, when she was on her way home coming from an outing. Rochelle received over 14 stitches on her face after the incident, according to The Coverage.

The victim recalled the horrible incident:

"When I arrived in front of my house, a man in his 30's appeared. 

"What shocked me was that the man took off his trousers and flashed his privates. 

"I was stunned and tried to run into the house but he yanked my handbag. 

"He then proceeded to hit me in the face three times."

Hearing Rochelle's screams, her parents rushed outside but the perpetrator already escaped.

She was brought immediately to a nearby clinic. They then filed a report at the Masai Police Station.

After the disturbing experience, Rochelle said she was traumatized and that the event happened so fast. 

"I just want the public, especially women, to be extra careful whenever they walk alone," she warns.

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