One Husband With 13 Wives, All Pregnant at the Same Time! TOTALLY WTF!!?

An image of a man with 13 pregnant wives at the same time has been making rounds in the internet scene and people are expressing either absolute awe or downright disgust over the image.

According the post being shared, the lucky man is from Nigeria (a lot of people doubt this) who married all 13 woman and all his spouses are friends with one another with no ill-will between any of them. They feel extremely comfortable together sharing their husband in peace. 

Also according to the item being circulated online, the law of the country they live in (Nigeria supposedly) allows this type custom of a man to have multiple partners.

All 13 women are pregnant at the same time with only 3-5 weeks difference in stages of their pregnancies. There's a possibility that all babies could be born in the same month.

Looking deeper into this viral photo, however, a lot of people have speculated that this is FAKE for a few logical reasons.

First, there's no original source provided for the image. The name of the alpha male was withheld, and so were the names of his 13 wives.

Second, the guy doesn't look like one from Nigeria, let alone his spouses. Also, although rampant in practice, it is not legal in Nigeria to have multiple partners in matrimony. 

Finally, if you check the background, the venue where the photo was taken appears to be a studio with heavy photography equipment seen in the image. In addition, the women wore the same type of clothes and appeared to have been wearing make-up, which suggests a photo shoot. 

Whether the viral image was legit or photo-shoot gone mad, or photoshopped, you decide. 

To the lucky guy who decided to impregnate all woman at the same time, if you're ever real, we wish you good luck with 13 babies crying at the same time at night!

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