Netizens Get Furious Over a Guy Who Confessed He's Getting Attracted to Somebody While He's in a Relationship With Someone Else! READ FULL STORY HERE!

A certain confession posted on a Facebook page called UMD Files caught the attention of netizens after a guy admitted he's starting to like somebody when he's already in a relationship with someone else.

The UMD (Universidad De Manila) Files was created for anonymous confessions from its students and this recent confession angered a lot of followers. Other universities have setup their own pages for similar confessions, which are usually from withheld identity.

The controversial post started with "Is it a Sin?" (The term "Sin" was capitalized for some reason.) He then continued by asking if he was the only one experiencing this, as if soliciting sympathy from readers, probably to prove that disloyalty of this level has become the norm in our society.

The confession revealed the guys has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for 3 years and that he supposedly loves her so much. He admitted the relationship isn't perfect and with ups and downs. He then detailed how he met another girl who he immediately liked very much and that he started having some feelings for this other girl.

This girl he met was a nursing student and had pretty much everything that the guys like about a girl. The guy noted that she's "maganda, palangiti, simple, sobrang lakas tumawa, down to earth, masayahin at higit sa lahat mabait."

In the end, he chose to stick with his girlfriend but he expressed his frustration over not being with the nursing student and how he wished he had met her earlier.

His post did not sit well with most netizens. Many claimed he was being unfair to her girlfriend and that he has no clue what real love means. Others suggested he should just break with her since it doesn't seem like he loves his girlfriend enough.

A follower of the UMD Files page reminded him of how a real man should behave:

"Nagkamali ka bro, hindi tayo 'lalake lang' tayo yung sandalan ng mga minamahal naten kaya wag tayong gagawa ng ikakasakit ng damdamin nila, kase once na masaktan ang babae, madaming magbabago halos buong pagkatao babaguhin kahit na mas mali pa kesa sa ginawa nating mali."

This viral post reached over 43 thousand reactions and has been shared over 21 thousand times.

Read the full post below.

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