Maute Group Started Beheading Their Hostages

Civillian hostages of the Maute Terror Group fortunately escaped from their supposed beheading following a government's airstrike. 

A former hostage named Romy said that it was already three days when they are captivated and was not fed for that scheduled beheading. 

He noted that the terror group apparently beheads three civillians everyday even Maranaoans

On Romy's scheduled beheading, he was lucky because the military force launched an air strike. 

“Suwerte kami. Schedule na pugutan kami ulo, dumating ‘yung helicopter, nagbomba. Sabi, ‘Ipasok sila ulit! Ipasok sila ulit,’” he said.

He thought that he was already safe but he was tied again until the next day. 

They were ejected again for their scheduled execution where the wedge used for beheading were already prepared.

“Noong nilalabas na kami, dumating na ulit ang helicopter. Bomba ulit. ‘Pasok sila ulit! Pasok ulit!’ Takbuhan sila,” he narrated. 

Romy and his colleagues jumped on a river and swam their life towards the safe zone. 

Some of them lose their lives because of inability to swim and poor stamina for not eating for a couple of days. 

Source: Philippine Star
Image: Rappler

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