Man Desperately Begs His Girlfriend to Take Him Back in a Humiliating Public Breakup

According to statistics, there are over 500,000 breakups happening per day with reasons ranging from losing interest, cheating, distance and even parents or friends disapproving the relationship.

It doesn't matter how perfect you are or how perfect you appear to yourself or to your partner, breakups are sometimes inevitable. While it takes time to let go, we ought to forgive ourselves and move on.

A couple in China recently broke up and the guy was begging his now ex-girlfriend for another chance. Pictures of him lying on the ground clutching at his girlfriend's foot have made rounds on the internet. 

The worst thing is that the humiliating incident happened in public and was seen by several passersby. The guy didn't seem to mind the judging stares of the onlookers as he appeared desperate to win his girl back.

Unfortunately, the girl had made up her mind and no matter how tight the guy held on to her, stripping the girl's stockings in the process, there was no getting back. He crawled towards her imploring but the girl left him for good.

How far would you go to win someone back? Would you have done the same for a slim chance at forgiveness from your loved one? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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