LOOK: Dedication to Get Over Bullying Transforms This Guy to Someone That #Shookt Social Media!

Growing up being bullied because of his undesirable physical appearance, a netizen created a social media buzz after showing how big transformation he can make by extreme dedication. 

From being a dark, chubby guy, Dave Villanueva successfully turn to a whiter, fairer and buff guy every girls may get attracted into On how he did it, here's his story:

He undergone self-pity from being harshly bullied. He even came to the point when he started asking himself on what's wrong with him. That lead him to realize that he needed to transform himself.

Since then, he decided that he wanted to achieve white and fair skin and lose some weight. 

He changed his lifestyle by taking glutathione, and collagen. He started his diet along with enrolling himself in a gym.  

He changed everything until he achieved what he has desired, even the way he dress. 

And huge change actually happens. See it for yourself! 

This is his personal message for all bullying victims that they should ignore those people who pull them down. 

"Prove them wrong. The best project you can ever work on is YOU. Kung gusto mo ng pagbabago, umpisahan mo sa sarili mo." he added. 

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