HUWAG TULARAN: Girl Gets Mad at Her Father Saying He Has No Right to Scold Her Because He's Not Her BF!

A rude netizen has recently become the center of attention of the online community after what she posted on her social media account.

This woman, who's identity has been dropped for privacy reasons, has angered many netizens for her blood-raising message online.

In her controversial post, she was ranting about someone who got mad at her because she came home late. When asked who this person she was ranting aboutwas, she revealed it was no other than her father.

She explained that her father would keep on texting her to come home early even though she was not replying. She added she's no longer a kid (and thus has all the right to spend the night where ever she wants).

What's so furious about her post is the line that reads "Bakit boyfried ba kita?", implying that only a boyfriend could remind her to come home early and that a father does not have this right over his children.

She also mentioned she had raised her voice at her father.

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