Girl With Down's Syndrome Graduted College with Flying Colors

It's graduation season again and inspiring stories of successful students finishing their studies in an unusual way are making rounds online. 

One of which is the story of Brina Kei M. Maxino that may inspire many person with disabilities (PWDs) that they can also, too, go to school and finish it. 

She has Down's Syndrome. A doctor even told her parents when she was just 9 years old that she may die early because of her serious condition way back then.

A psychologist also claimed that she may not be able to finish grade school because of her disability. 

After a decade prior to that claim, she already graduated last May 2017 at 20 years old with a four-year degree in Bachelor of Arts, Major in History.

"This is because I worked hard, and many people believed in me and they helped me achieve my dreams," she said. 

Wayback highschool, she was enrolled in a regular school and successfully finished it as the Class Valedictorian. 

Apart from it is a one-year Certificate in General Clerical Services and a two-year Certificate in Associate in Arts.

She is already working now as an assistant teacher. 

She believes that PWDs should be given equal chances in living their lives and support from parents, relatives, teachers, therapists and doctors of PWDs play a great role for it.

"To my fellow PWDs, we can do it! Thank you, all! I love my life, I love my future! I thank God!" she added. 

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