GF Exposes Woman Who Tried to Flirt With Her Boyfriend on Facebook

A woman took on Facebook to expose sleazy chat conversation of another woman allegedly trying to flirt with the former's boyfriend.

Facebook user Clara Mendoza shared not just the exchange of messages between the querida-wannabe and her boyfriend, she also posted a private picture of the other girl, who turned out to be her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, trying to win him back.

Clara started her post with "My basic instinct says to be polite and start with 'hi,' but 'hi' is so colloquial. It's casual. Breezy. It's something to make other people feel comfortable."

She went on saying that the the other woman don't deserve to feel comfortable.

Clara cited the other woman's excuse for flirting with her boyfriend with "Sya nauna lumandi" and "Ako ang nilapitan," noting that these reasons are never OK to flirt back with someone who's already in a relationship.

Clara also mentioned that the other girl was somewhat competing with her: "You are making competitions where there weren't any ...This wasn't a game of finders keepers."

She admitted that it was her boyfriend who made the first move on the other girl, his ex, and "we should never expect men to behave like women." She added, "wala naman mawawala sa kanila. Sa atin meron."

The furious girlfriend also revealed how Vanna Jimenez (the other girl) got pregnant twice by two different guys who did not take any responsibility to the babies.

To add fuel to the fire, towards the end of her rant, she took on Vanna's lack of English skills, pointing out she doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're."

Included in Clara's tirade was a "sexy image" of Vanna that was allegedly sent to her boyfriend. She ended her post with an offer to send uncensored images of Vanna via PM (private message) to anyone interested.

See the full post below.

What do you think of this post? Do you agree that it was all the other girl's fault? While it should be absolutely taboo to get involved with anyone who's in a relationship, what does this say about the guy? And what does this say about their relationship? Brave your thoughts in the comment section.

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