Filipino Exposes OFWs in Japan Who Illegally Ask For Donations on Busy Streets

A concerned Filipino posted in Facebook an exposé how some of our countrymen there are illegally seeking for donations on various busy streets in Japan.

Apparently, this has been a common thing among few OFWs there where they allegedly 'scam' by seeking donation for a Children's Foundation or for victims of typhoon. 

Paul Alvin Magsalin considers it as a disgrace for Filipinos, and a bad image as well, knowing their countrymen fool other people in a foreign land just for their personal interests. 

It has been unfair for the rest of many OFWs there who work so hard to sustain their life abroad and to have something to send to their families back home. 

Magsalin posted a video of his encounter with two young ladies who allegedly ask for donations from everyone in front of a train station. 

They are often seen there approaching everyone with their information card (Meishi) regarding their cause, usually they are for a children's foundation. They even have pictures to show you as evidence. 

They will have your name written in a notebook and will ask for donation. 

"Napansin ko may mga nakasulat na, na mga pangalan ng Hapon at presyo ng kanilang donasyon, ang nakakapagtaka, nakasulat sa "Romaji" o alpabeto hndi sa "kanji" o "hiragana," he said in his Facebook post. 

He asked for validity and legality of their documents, but they just show him a small notebook holder, showing their "legal permit" for a span of 1-2 seconds only, he added. 

In the video, it was shown how the two girls refused for a picture of the said permits and on how defiant they are on why the concerned Filipino needs to take a picture of it. 

Magsalin is just insistent to know if they are legitimate or just up there to fool other people. He is willing to turn down his exposé if his claim is proven untrue. 

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