Duterte May Have Been The Most Travelled President but He Has Also Gained The Most Investments

President Rodrigo Duterte apparently surpasses his predecessors in terms of  quantity of international trips a Philippine president could make in his first year.

It was never denied by the administration, however, along with it, he has also brought home the most quality of such for bagging greater investments for the country.

“So, the reports coming out in newspapers that the President is the most traveled President in his first year here in the Philippines are true. But it is also true that as the President who is the most traveled during his first year, he is also the one who got the most investments from other countries. That is also true,” Secretary Martin Andanar of the Presidential Communications Opertions Office (PCOO) said on Monday.

Duterte settled at least $35 billion worth of investment deals for our country from his P277 million worth of travel

“We can see in terms of cost-benefit analysis that, as the Department of Finance said, for every peso spent, government was able to bring home P1,000,” Andanar explicated.

Andanar added that this shows that the country earned more than it spent for the controversial international trips.

$24 billion of which comes from China, $11 billion of investments from Japan, and $1.9 billion from Qatar.

PCOO is currently preparing the report on Duterte's first year in office.

Source: Inquirer
Image: Wikipedia

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