Cops Foiled Planned GenSan Bombings

A member of an extremist group who was tasked to plot improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for a planned orchestrated bombing in General Santos City was arrested by the Northern Mindanao regional police. 

Abdulazis Mangambit Tungan, 20, a resident of Maasim town of Sarangani, is apparently a member of Ansar Al-Khalifa Philippines, which had already pledged allegiance with the ISIS along with the Maute Group.

“With his arrest, we were able to thwart  their  bombing plans, word of which we have been receiving in the past weeks,” Supt. Romeo Galgo, police spokesman said. 

An intense manhunt was launched against the other two companions of the arrested suspect. 

Ansar Al-Khalifa Philippines, based on intelligent reports, was plotting  a series of bombing in differrent parts of the city that includes the City Hall, churches and malls.

The said plan targets to widen the militants’ activities beyond Marawi and to shake up the whole island of Mindanao.

The entire Mindanao is currently under the state of Martial Law. 

Source: Manila Bulletin 
Image: GMA

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