Beware of These Street Job Recruiters in Baclaran, They Were Up for Your Money!

For all those people who used to stroll in Baclaran for shopping or going to the famous church, you may have came across with recruiters for jobs that may talk with you on the spot. 

Beware of them! A netizen named Baby-Jane Mangambit exposed in a Facebook post how she was almost fooled by the unusual modus of these recruiters. 

A guy approached her suddenly with a piece of flyer asking if she is interested for a part-time job. 

As she expresses her interest, she was invited to a hidden place for a calling card. She was given a paper for her contact information.   

She was told that she will be interviewed by their manager who is suspicious for wearing a simple attire unlike the former. 

She was told that she will be assigned to a boutique of a known bag brand in a nearby mall in her place.  

But when she asked for the job's requirements, the manager replied that it has none, even a uniform is not required. 

The manager added that she will be paid with P500 in 2 days for a 2-3 hours of work per day

However, here is the main twist. She was required to pay 200 pesos for the "online" processing of her "registration." 

Following her gut feel and intuition that something is wrong, she tried to think of a good alibi to escape. 

She came up with pretending to have no money in hand and will just sneak for her Mom for money. 

The manager panicked saying that phones are not allowed in the said area. 

In desperation, the manager tried to lower the registration fee from P150 down to P100 to P50. She even added that she can even start by tomorrow.  

Having nothing to acquire from their target, she was adviced instead to come back when she is in her right age. 

In another while, another victim acompanied by 2 policeman passed by. Apparently, she was fooled twice by those recruiters. One by P800 with an anticipation for a text message of confirmation but received nothing and P350 that was later on returned. 

Mangambit even claimed that the two policemen do nothing towards the incident of the poor lady. 

Students and youngsters looking for part-time jobs are common targets. 

Image: DZRH News

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