Bagito Scand*l

The Bagito Scandal has become a madness that many teachers in different schools started deliberating on how to prevent the same thing from happening among their students and inside the campuses.

Netizens offer divided reaction to the young students who were caught in a heated scene in the contentious video scandal which made rounds in different social media platforms. Some netizens see them as victims. Others see them as an immoral couple.

To the parents, the very fear is that their children might be given an idea and might do the same. 

An example is this video of another student couple who imitated the Bagito Scandal. This video clip, which was shot inside their school, is called the "Bagita Scandal."

Whether this couple is really doing something "romantic" or if they're only imitating the Bagito Scandal for a parody video, one can only guess. Sources indicate that the two are in a romantic relationship and people think this is more than just a parody because of this.

Screenshots from the video and the video itself have gone viral and have been shared in different social media sites. People have been criticizing the student couple and have started speculating whether their school should be suspending them.

With the rise in the number of these scandals, people for sure have started getting curious. Other couples may have this set as a #CoupleGoal. 

One may argue that it is every couple's right to do whatever activity they wish to accomplish in their private lives. But why would some couple want to share what's supposed to be kept private? And why would such young couple want to do the same?

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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