A Guy Who Bad-Mouthed a Girl After a One-Night Stand Left His Phone and Gets Instant Karma on His Own FB Page!

A male student appeared to be dissatisfied with a girl he just had a one-night stand with, calling her names to his friends before sneaking out of the girl's house.

The kiss-and-tell guy, however, left his phone on his way out.

The girl's name is Sarah and she tried to contact Mark's (the one that got away, literally) friends to advise them he left his phone in her house. To her surprise, Mark's recent conversations with his mates include insults against her which got her furious. She was called names, such as "a fat slut," "a tramp" and "a box full of shit."

Enraged, Sarah logged in to Mark's Facebook account and detailed how displeased she was with Mark.

Here is Sarah's message to Mark, posted on Mark's own FB wall:

Hi Mark, it’s Sarah from last night. Bet you thought you were clever sneaking out of my house this morning before I got up but you left your phone in my room. Looked through your messages to try and find someone to get your phone back to only to see you call me a fat slut, a tramp and a box of s***.
To whoever Conor is Mark did not finger the wee box off me.
If you want your phone back come back to my house and get it. Love from the big girl that certainly made a wee man out of you last night.

Mark admitted he sneaked out of her house but explained he only wanted to avoid the awkwardness the following morning since they only met at a bar. 

He never imagined how a casual hookup could turn out to be one of the most embarrassing moments of his life, especially when he had to get his phone back.

"It was very embarrassing having to go back to hers to get my phone but there was nothing really to say. I apologized to her for what I had said in the text messages but she didn’t really reply," Mark said.

He claimed the Facebook post was nothing but a prank carried out by his friends.

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