3 Ways to Tell if a Girl is Still Virgin Just by Looking at Her!

It may sound easy, but spotting virgins can be very difficult. With girls, unless directely insptected, it is impossible to tell. When it comes to behavior, non-virgins and virgin girls aren't at all different. 

Flirtatious girls and those who arrive sl*tty are definitely not virgins, but shy and quiet types are often not virgins either (especially those attractive ones). 

While there are physical indicator of s*xual interco*rse, there are certain behavioral clues which should tip you off.

#1: Appearance
She does not need to be beautiful and sexy. There are some guys out there desperate enough to have s*x with anything with a vag*na on it. 

She does not need to be fat and ugly either – occasionally, you may find a sl*tty-looking girl who regularly carries a Hot Guy Repellant and does not hesitate to use it along with The Look of Doom, which when ignored, will result in a crisp slapping.

#2: Anatomy
The best way to identify a virgin is to inspect her hymen; unfortunately they will get offended if you attempt to do this. Especially if you attempt this in public.

Say a miracle comes and you find a girl who would allow you to inspect her private part, it is not a foolproof method of assuring chastity. In addition, the hymen can break prior to s*xual intercourse due to activities such as horseback riding and the use of s*x toys such as dildos or vibrators. Chances are though, if a girl is using a s*x toy, she is probably having s*x anyway.

Also, some girls who have started having s*x might still have an intact hymen because of the guys very small d*ck. Despite this exception, having an intact hymen is a fairly reliable mehtod of determining female celibacy.

#3: Behavior
Surprisingly, there are several behavioral clues that indicate female virginity. This includes having a feminist ideology or being very religious. Both feminists and religous people are often both against s*x (although for different reasons). 

Feminists believe that s*x exploits women and religious people takes having s*x before marriage as as sin. 

On the other hand, psychologists have argued that this behavior actually results from a another factor and that girls don't really stay virgins for the reasons they proclaim. Instead, they don't get s*x due to unattractiveness or even ugliness. Instead of becoming paid whores, which some girls get forced into, they attempt to justify their involuntary virginity and declare s*x as immoral.

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