3 Reasons Why Nadine Shouldn't Be FHM's Sexiest In the Eyes of Avid Readers

The most-awaited list is out and it just disgusted long-time FHM fans. It drew various criticisms on different social media platforms protesting with what on earth just had happened. 

Nadine Lustre, a young actress, just won the title of being the sexiest woman in the country and it took the internet by storm. 

FHM Philippines even defended her win as a redefinition of "sexy" but ironic as it is, it is not even the type of sexy the adult magazine has embodied since time immemorial. 

Here are the 3 of the innumerable reasons why  Nadine shouldn't win or better and more subtle, isn't ready enough to bag the title from the perspective of FHM's legitimate and avid readers. 

1. She Won Out of Popularity from Teenagers

A popular actress for teenage girls who may even have no idea of what FHM is really all about. They have plenty of time to power vote their goddess and I bet their parents doesn't even know what they're doing on FHM's pages. 

They should study first and focus on their textbooks.  FHM is a men's magazine, not a teen or a fashion mag or the like. It's an adult and mature thing not suitable for young kiddos who may not even allowed to read such stuff or couldn't even afford to buy one. 

"the f%&k Nadine Lustre winning the fhm philippines sexiest this year dahil sa # of votes but not the men's choice. I thought I was reading something about teen's choice award in candy magazine. urrgg  just stating my disappointment."- Inchet Bendanillo

"nkktuwa ung mga llaki dto na ngcocomment hahaha..talagang disappointed cla..haha FHM Philippines value your buyers and most of your buyers ay llaki hahaha..hindi ung teenager"- Ebarle Joanna Marie

"Unang una, i dont hate Nadine ha, pero nagulat ako sa result...kasi nga For Him Magazine, not for HER Magazine....kun0g kayo ba ang "him" alam naman cguro ninyu ang choice ng mga "him" diba?...pang lalaki talaga, you the Man, not for boys, hehehe...para kasing pambata eh...peace heheh"- Ma Jean Ta

"sino bumoto? ung mga kabataan na fans niya? ah so naiinvolve na tlga mga kabataan ngayon sa mga ganitong bagay w/c is dapat pang adult lang, 'cause i doubt na may bobotong matured na lalaki jan, ano naman pagpapantasyahan kay Nadine, wag rin idahilan na sexy ung attitude niya, dahil di mo naman nakikita ugali niya sa magazine"- Ruby Velasco

2. She Basically Has no Ability to Produce a Cover that Would be Outstanding Enough to Be Number 1

If her voters (fans) are aware of it, being a cover girl for FHM is something of a milestone and culture-wise, must be somehow revealing. Now that she has attained the top spot, can she actually do the same and even exceed former covers? 

Maybe, she could, but that doesn't mean FHM's legit readers would love it. It's not the worth of your time to imagine. 

"sna lng ma-invite xa ng fhm to be the cover girl nxt month..if she truly deserves to be on that spot she must prove to herself na kaya nya at wag dpat nyang biguin lalo na pra sa mga taong bumoto sa kanya."- Benjie Ryan Melendez

3. Internal Sexiness Has Nothing to do with FHM

While men's perspective of sexy was outlasted by her popularity, we could not just buy the idea of internal sexiness as the new standard of being sexy in that magazine for the men.  The standard may apply in today's society but not with loyal readers of FHM. 

"Sa isang daang bote ng coke na pwede pagpilian bakit yung Coke Zero pa napili? :( My no. 1 is kim domingo or ellen adarna they really went all out sa shoots nila ewan ko anyare hahaha. Para sa kalalakihan ang FHM this is where we define the word "sexy" with no outside opinion from feminists. If you're all basing sexiness with attitude and such, then okay pero itong For Him Magazine sana iwan niyo na lang saming kalalakihan to hahaha. Napakaunfair lang talagCalderona mga babaeng nagpapashoot na kita na buong katawan kesa yung ibang magpapashoot tago buong katawan. Matutuwa si James Reid sa ginawa niyo. Ginawa niyong no. 1 sa sexiest girlfriend niya. Pangarap ng lahat ng lalaki yun sa GF nila. Ang pag piyestahan pictures niya ng mga kalalakihan."- Rogelio Calderon

"A lot of people here are transforming FHM as to Miss universe... wake up people this is an adult magazine centered on sex! You mistook "sexy" for being something like being looked up to... effin' heck... GAWD the level of ignorance is soo effin' high......"- Mike Edlazile

To end this, Nadine is just so sweet that these adults could never bother to fantasize such chic creature. Her beauty has its own place, not before the eyes of FHM legit readers.  It is just wrong in so many levels. 

Image: Nadine Lustre

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