10 Inspiring Pinay Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Before Marriage!

It's truly inspiring to know that there are still local celebs who speak of Real Love and live it out in their own lives. They are a breath of fresh air especially in the entertainment industry and are unafraid to speak their minds and to talk about their values in public, hence setting a good example especially to their young fans. 

Here's a list of some of our local TV personalities who say no to sex before marriage and yes to Real Love, in their own words:

1. Nikki Gil
On being a virgin: "O, sige, 'yan na ang kapintasan ko! People have said, 'Eh, kasi, lalaki. May pangangailangan.' My point exactly! See? Kung 'yan lang pala ang issue, [he didn't really deserve me]. Nobody told me to stay a virgin, or because I'm a stuck-up prude na holy-holy. It's my choice. I've always been ma-pride. If sex is something I value, [gano'n talaga]!"

2-3. Iya Villania and Drew Arellano
On her personal decision to be remain a virgin until marriage: "But, personally, I do believe that one should not practice pre-marital sex."

On her decade-long abstinence with Drew Arellano: "Yes! Doon ko naman na-confirm na mahal niya talaga ako."

"He was very patient, yes… I mean, it's easy now for me to say because we're married now."

"It's actually nakakatawa. Mas nakakabilib si Drew!" 

"It's actually easy for… which is why ang lakas ng loob ko magsabi. It's easy for girls who [haven't] experienced anything because you don't know what you're missing out on!"

"It all boils down to values"

Iya defends friend, Nikki Gil, from bashers who doubted Gil's claims of still being a virgin

Iya and Drew got married on January 31, 2014.

4. Toni Gonzaga 
On what the foundation of marriage should be: "Naniniwala ako that love should be unconditional. Hindi porke mahal mo ang isang tao, dapat ang kundisyon mo, 'Dapat sexually compatible tayo.' I think that love should be the strong foundation of the marriage, and I think that the trust and the commitment that you want to stay together in the marriage [weigh more]."

Trivia: Toni previously said in a TV interview that she and her boyfriend of over eight years, film director Paul Soriano, have never shared a bedroom to "avoid temptation." 


5. Yeng Constantino 
On setting limits to physical intimacy prior to marriage: "There's no pre-marital sex. Gano'n talaga. No pre-marital sex, iyan 'yung clear na, 'No to it.' Kasi we want to honor marriage. Kasi, 'diba, ang tagal-tagal kang prineserve ng mga magulang mo, nanay mo, papa mo. Lahat ng paggalit, pananakot para hindi ka lumabas ng bahay, pumarty, pero sa isang iglap, 'It's all gone, Ma.'"

"So, iyon 'yung sa amin, iyon 'yung boundary namin. Kasi once na nag-move ka na into physical intimacy, sobrang magbabago na 'yun. It's another level na you have to save. That's for me."

Yeng married her first and last boyfriend, rock band vocalist Yan Asuncion, on Valentine's Day 2015.

6. Jewel Mische
On the purpose of sex: “Alister and I, first and foremost, we believe that sex is God's wedding present.” 

“We believe that sexual intercourse or the physical and emotional union of two people should be a means of celebrating love, producing children and experiencing pleasure together protected by the commitment of marriage.” 

On starting over: “We are both grounded and we believe that sex is for married people. But we messed up also in the past.”

On saving their first kiss: “Now that we have found each other, we are willing to pursue what we think is right. We we will do everything to reach that goal. And ito na, we believe that everything starts with kissing... It's the doorway to physical intimacy. So we said na if we can wait to kiss, then let's wait.”

On waiting together: “Kailangan kasi if you want that, pareho kayo ng beliefs, pareho kayo ng conviction. And now we're helping each other to achieve that."

Jewel Mische and Alister Kurzer got married on March 1st of this year. (Photo: Jewel's Instagram)

7. Megan Young
In a TV interview, Miss World 2013 Megan Young boldly stated her stand on a number of life and family issues.

On pre-marital sex:
“Sex is for marriage, that is my belief.” 

When asked about how she says no to pre-marital sex, she replied: "You just say no. If they try to push you, then you step away because you know that that person doesn’t value you, doesn’t value the relationship as much – and if the guy is willing, you know,  to sacrifice that, then that  means a lot."

On abortion
“I’m against abortion. I’m pro-life and if it means killing someone who’s already there, then I’m against that, of course. My beliefs are, no abortion.”

On divorce
"I’m actually against divorce, because I’ve seen, of course, that in my family. So I think that if you marry someone, that should be the person you should be with forever, through sickness and health, through good and bad, you should be with that person."

8. Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe 1999 1st Runner-up)

Prior to their marriage, Miriam Quiambao, and her boyfriend, Roberto "Ardy" Roberto, a motivational speaker and author,  made this purity pledge, which can be found on Miriam's Instagram account:

"Let it be known that I, Ardy Roberto aka Mr. Pogi, and I, Miriam Quiambap, aka Ms. U, vow before God to protect each other's purity from this day onwards until the day, by God's grace that we are wed. Therefore, we shall not engage in any act that shall ignite sexual desires or passions prematurely, such as passionate kissing (lips-to-lips), pheromone sniffing or foreplay. The only expressions of affection allowed are: kissing on the cheek, holding hands and hugging or "akbay." I, Ardy Roberto, promise to take the lead in this purity pledge and protect you, Miriam Quiambao, and your testimony. So help us God! In Jesus' name."
(Photo: Miriam's Instagram)

They tied the knot on March 25, 2014.

9. Janine Tugonon (Miss Universe 2012 first runner-up)

On saving sex for marriage: "For me, marriage is sacred. Ngayon kasi, parang nagiging norm na lang, eh, sa tao na, 'Come on, let's do it.' Pero iba pa rin siguro 'yung pakiramdam pag ginawa mo siya after [getting married]."

10. Mariz Umali (GMA 7 Reporter)
On how she was able to save herself for marriage: "If we can't wait for the right time, then I broke up with them."

Mariz Umali married her long time friend and fellow GMA 7 reporter, Raffy Tima, on December 8, 2012, Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Source: showbiznest.com

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