VIRAL : SHOCKING: Sinio Revealed Something About Shehyee’s Model Girlfriend ‘Ann Mateo’ in His FlipTop Battle.

The FlipTop Battle League has turned into the first and biggest expert rap fight meeting in the Philippines. FlipTop rap fights picked up acknowledgment rapidly after its few recordings circulated around the web on YouTube. 

A great many Filipinos run to YouTube just to watch these two men test each other's strength with rap rhythms and astute lines in an amazing tongue-contorting way. They likewise test each other's resilience for put-down. 

As of late, a video of these two men, Sinio and Shehyee, a standout amongst the most well known FlipTop emcees in FlipTop fight has been circling in online networking. Netizens were captivated on how they offended each other while rapping. 

Sinio discusses the present sweetheart of Shehyee, Ann B. Mateo, who is a model. 

At to start with, Shehyee discusses Sinio's significant other how revolting and fat she is. Be that as it may, Sinio did not down but rather hit back truly hard with the most lowering abuse against Shehyee. Sinio firecracker on Anne Mateo truly hard and Shehyee was claimed that night. 

Watch the video below…

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