VIRAL : Filipino Maid Rescued From Alleged Rapist After Facebook Plea Goes Viral

A 28-year-old lady from Philippines who was filling in as a cleaning specialist at a house in Bahrain utilized Facebook to spread the message about herself, the way she was being dealt with and assaulted by her manager's child.

We as a whole more often than not censure Facebook for keeping an eye on individuals or imparting our information to the legislature, however there is a positive side of utilizing this site and this Filipino young lady knew precisely how.

Her name is Abby Luna, she recorded a video and transferred on her Facebook profile on Thursday morning which became famous online, drawing in around 78,000 shares and 19,000 preferences.

In the video, Luna guaranteed that:

"She was beaten and assaulted by her manager's child, the child advised her not to converse with anybody about the assault or else he will convey her to betray, slaughter and dump her there."

"The save was provoked by the video message … She is currently under the care of our international safe haven."

The staff from Luna's work organization alongside Philippine international safe haven authorities protected her from the manager's home, expressing that police is examining the episode. In any case, the asserted attacker denied to police that he at any point assaulted or assaulted her, as per the bad habit delegate at the Philippine government office in Bahrain.

The three-minute long video is by all accounts recorded from a cell phone or a webcam calling her supervisor's child a "tranquilize junkie" and an attacker. Luna additionally composed an interest on her Facebook profile to advise the government office of Philippine for her sake.

Luna said her manager did not trust her cases of being assaulted and beaten and demanded she complete the staying two months of her agreement before she could go home. Her boss additionally advised her to have a fetus removal in the event that she fell pregnant.

Watch the video with English subtitles below:

This is not the first run through when Facebook has helped somebody to escape inconvenience. A year ago, Nargelene Mendez, a Filipina cleaning specialist, was likewise safeguarded from a house in Saudi Arabia in the wake of posting a video on her Facebook page asserting her manager had manhandled her, as per Gulf News.

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