[Trending Now] UNBELIEVABLE! This 12-Year-Old Girl Was Suspended by Her School Principal for Allegedly Selling S*x Toys!

Frances Habeck, a 12-year-old girl from Racine, Wisconsin was suspended by her school principal for selling what she claimed were “s*x toys.”

However, upon closer inspection, the toys were merely “water snake wigglies,” gelatinous toys that resemble soft snakes. Unfortunately, her school principal did not see them that way and promptly suspended her.

The girl studies at the Trinity Lutheran School located along Geneva Street in Racine. She claims she was granted permission to sell the toys by a teacher. 

The girl’s father, Milt Habeck, strongly condemned the principal’s decision. His appeals fell on deaf ears, however, as the school board unfortunately took the side of the principal. 

David Gehne, the school’s pastor, said, “We wouldn’t discuss the details of any situation regarding one of our children, they’re all minors.”

“In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a s*x toy, this is a water-filled bag,” Milt argued.

He started a blog filled with witness testimonies in order to clear his daughter’s name. The blog is called ‘Vindicate Frances.’

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