[Trending Now] ‘Napagkamalang Kabit:’ Woman Beaten up by Wife and Her Children After They Mistake Her for Husband’s Mistress!

Along the streets of Manila on March 21 at midnight, a woman was filmed being beaten up by another woman and her three children. The group mistook the woman for the father’s mistress.

The woman was with her friend guarding their products when three women and a man suddenly appeared. One of the children kicked the woman’s goods while the others slapped the supposed mistress. The siblings teamed up against the woman and beat her up.

Even the woman’s friend was not spared and was beaten up by the mother. Passersby tried to stop the commotion.

According to the barangay tanod who responded to the incident, the supposed mistress sustained two swollen eyes and could barely walk after being beaten up.

Eventually, the woman was able to prove that it was a case of mistaken identity after the true mistress appeared at the precinct. The victim ended up settling with the violent mother and her children for P15,000.

ABS-CBN news reports the true mistress has already left the city for fear of violence.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of this story!

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