READ ► 94-Year-Old Woman Was Kicked Out From Business Class and Had to Endure a Painful 16-Hour Flight!

94-year-old was kicked out of the business class and had to move into an economy class in her 16-hour flight back in Australia.

The old lady who was identified as Paz Orquiza, went on a trip in Los Angeles California. Her children and grandchildren saved enough money so that they could buy a business class trip for her so that she won't be in pain during the 16-hour flight.

Paz was said to have been suffering from severe arthritis and a degenerative bonestructure in the neck area.

The relatives of Paz stated that on their trip to California, everything's doing well. The airline even allowed her daughter to assist her during the flight although she's in aneconomy class.

However, the trip back home was quite not good

When Paz's daughter tried assisting her, the attendant told her to either upgrade to a business class or let Paz transfer to the economy class.

She was left with no choice so Paz had to endure an uncomfortable 16-hour flight back home.

"My aunt [referring to Paz's daughter, Rose] travelling with her in Economy asked the Business class flight attendant, Shauna, if she can assist my grandma with simple tasks such as opening her food or reclining her seat, similar to what my aunt helped with on her outbound flight. 

Without any sympathy or compassion, Shauna said my grandma's only options were to 1) move to Economy with my aunt or 2) take another flight and purchase another Business class ticket for my aunt.

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