Woman Who Went to a Club Party Allegedly Gang Raped by 3 Men!

A supposed to be fun night ended badly for a 21-year-old woman who was allegedly gang raped after waking up with three men besides her in a boarding house in Barangay Sambag 2, Cebu City on Monday morning.

The woman, with her aunt then went to Fuente Police Station to report the incident, where she was brought to one of the suspects' boarding house and  was raped by the three men.

Based on the victim's account, she was with her cousins and friends, having fun and drinking at one of the clubs along General Maxilon Avenue Sunday night.

She allegedly excused herself from her companions to use the comfort room.

However, when she was about to go out of the comfort room, an unknown man held her right hand which she tries to pulled away but the man punched her on the abdomen and suddenly lost her consciousness.

After waking up from a deep sleep, she found herself naked in a different place with the three unknown men besides here, leading her speculations that she was raped.

Inspector David Señor, the outgoing acting chief of the Fuente Police Station, immediately conducted an operation on the said boarding house and arrested the 48-year-old caretaker, Peter Bendanillo.

Señor said Bendanillo was positively identified by the victim as the last one who sexually abused her.

The other suspect was identified as well, as a hotel and restaurant management student in one of the universities in Cebu and is reportedly a basketball player in his college department. He, however, was already not in the area when police came.

Bendanillo, who was detained now at the Fuente Police Station, faced reporters yesterday and denied all the woman’s allegations against him.

He said it was impossible for him to be one of the suspects since, as the caretaker of the boarding house, he stays in a different building inside the compound.

The third suspect is still at large but the case has been filed already yesterday afternoon.

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