Wife Caught Husband and Mistress on Their Monthsary Date Inside a Motel, Video Goes Viral!

A certain netizen took to Facebook to vent out her frustration and disappointment after finding out that her husband had an affair with another woman. She posted photos and videos of the mistress who was caught in the act running away after having an affair with her husband in a local Tas Inn.

Brgy. officials were present during the entire incident in an effort to control the situation. Netizens praised the woman for her patience after deciding not to hurt the mistress for cheating with her husband.

The mistress was spotted fleeing with her supposed accomplice and rode a tricycle immediately to run away from the sheer embarrassment as bystanders condemn her for her vile acts.

Many people slammed the girl over social media after the post went viral, saying that she deserves more than just being embarrassed in public and that the wife shouldn't have let her go.

What made the incident more heartbreaking is the fact that it happened on 3rd Monthsary which definitely left a sour taste in the mouths of people who witnessed the infidelity. 

The photos and videos have been taken down by the uploader.

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