Viral Video: Beware! A Man Was Caught on Cam Stealing From One of the Passengers While in Transit Aboard a PUJ!

Nowadays, criminals thieving and snatching from passengers’ bags riding PUJs are becoming more and more prevalent. 

With many taxi scams and crimes making rounds in different news media sites and channels, people are now switching to PUJ’s thinking that with more people inside the jeep, they are safer. 

But apparently, criminals are taking advantage and even use the opportunity to steal from unaware people.

In the video, it can be seen that the man was casually looking at his cellphone while keeping his own bag close to himself. He then uses his other hand to open the bag of the person beside him. 

He was able to get a passport from the bag’s front pocket without the owner noticing anything. The person must have noticed weird movements from the criminal and so he took a video of the whole crime while taking place. 

The video uploader took the video aboard a jeep from Naia3 to Baclaran.
Let this be a warning to netizens to be more careful with regards to their belongings when riding public vehicles. It is better to keep important items in a back pocket inside our bags instead of putting very valuable items inside the front pockets. Be careful and always be cautious, guys!

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