WARNING: Van With Police Markings Were Allegedly Used to Kidnap Children and Sell Their Organs!

Alarming news about numerous kidnapping attempts on children and missing persons have surfaced on the internet. This caused many parents to get worried for their children’s safety.

Recently, a photo of a white L300 van went viral online as it was alleged to be a kidnapper’s vehicle. 

According to Facebook page, ‘Tambayan ni Berto’, the van was nabbed by residents of Minglanilla, Cebu when it attempted to abduct children from the area. 

The post also claimed that local authorities responded to the incident and rescued the supposed victims. 

However, the suspects remained at large. They warned the public as it was confusing for the van to have a Philippine National Police (PNP) sticker on its windshield. 

Residents think that the sticker was used by the van to disguise as a police car. With this strategy, the kidnappers were able to commit the crime. 

Although there is no way to clarify the authenticity of the post, it is still important for parents to keep their eyes on their children as it is really impossible for these incidents not to happen. The children’s safety will always depend on their parents. 

What can you advise parents in order for their children to avoid being victims of these crime? Let us know your answers in the comment section below.

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