Topless Jewelry Shop Worker Forced to Attract Customers With Painted Diamonds Over Her Nipples!

A jewelry shop took marketing into a whole new level to attract customers—even if it meant throwing away their worker’s pride. Their shop attendant was forced to strip down and remain topless in front of the buzzing crowd, with only ‘painted’ diamonds over her nipples!

As customers approach her and takes photos and videos, she seemed awkward and embarrassed of her current situation, but didn’t have a choice but to comply. Some people can be seen in the shopping centre walking past her and looking for jewellery in the cabinets surrounding of the topless woman.
Outrage sparked as soon as the video was posted on social media, where netizens slammed the store owner for allowing such a cheap stunt attract customers and embarrass the employee.
She was visibly embarrassed but had no choice but to comply.

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