This Hot Lady Was Twerking Like a Pro When Suddenly THIS Happens! Disgusting!

We can't deny the fact that after
Miley Cyrus started the 'twerk' dance craze, women from different parts of the world are creating their own versions of the famous twerk dance.

There are lots of twerk videos online that will surely make you sweat. While there are some that could make you sweat, there are also some videos that you'd question why it was even posted online! 

Now, there's this unidentified woman from Russia who has made the netizens go wild after she posted her hilarious twerking video online.

In the video, she was twerking like a pro, shaking her hips and her butt from left to right and downwards and upwards. 

Her white leggings even added hotness to her video! 
However, in the near end of the video, it seems that she started to fart to let out some gas from her body. But then, she never thought that wastes came along with the gas that she let out! 

Yes, she accidentally pooped in her white leggings as she was filming herself twerking! 
While others find this video disgusting, some simply say that it's hilarious.

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