This Guys Tried to Court a Girl By Singing Harana While the Girl is Working. Netizens to the Guys Forced Action to the Girl.

Serenading ladies is an old tradition in the Philippines and has been going on for the past centuries.

In this video clip, the guy tried to sing a “Harana" by Parokya ni Edgar to his girl to show how he really loves her. This happened at Jollibee where the girl works.

The girl initially refused to listen and appeared to be uninterested. To her surprise, the guy tried to pull her into the spot where someone was playing the guitar.

Some netizens didn't seem to like this incident, noting that serenades should not be conducted during work hours. According to sources, the guy was also working in the same company.

Other netizens react and bashed the girl for being too “hard to get” and overreacting, and other said that the guy doesn’t know his boundaries.

What can you say about this? Did either of them cross certain boundaries? Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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