This Beautiful Girl Offer Her a PR Job for 3 Hours, She Didn't Know that This Will Happened to Her.

Richelle Yambao Cudiamat shared her story about a girl she met online named Nichole Andrea Samote and offer her for an easy job. But she didn't know that all of this are all scammed.

Richelle said Nichole was not a type of person that will do bad things  when she explore her FB account. Nichole and Richelle didn't know each other, Nichole chat Richelle and offer if she wants a "raket", she said it was an easy job and could earn her as much as 7,500pesos for 3 hours for being a PR or public relations.

Because Richelle has a baby and want to earn she immediately grab the job Nichole offered. After fwe chats and decided what Richelle will do in her job, they decided to meet each other in SM Dasma.

She didn't realized that this will be the start of her modus to get all of her belongings.

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Source: Facebook

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