These Chinese Models Stick Condoms to Their Faces in a Crowded Train TO PROVE THIS POINT!

Commuters in a busy Beijing metro were shocked to see several Chinese women with condoms stuck to their faces while on a train. They attached the condoms to their faces, neck, chest, and even onto their arms.

People started taking pictures and videos of the bizarre behavior the women showed but they didn’t seem to care about it—it was like they wanted to be documented! What was their purpose for doing so?
Apparently, it turned out to be promotional stunt thought up by Chinese condom manufacturer dxcondom. The company aims to prove that the lubricants they use in their condoms are definitely good for the skin.
Many Chinese netizens were not happy with how the said company promoted their product. Some called the promotion ‘cheap’, and that women shouldn’t be used in such promotions.
However, Weibo user “Diamond_World” was a bit more sympathetic: “Doesn’t anybody know that condoms have way more uses than just OOXX [Chinese slang for sex]? They may even save lives! Why all these prejudicial views? Ugh! So many people are incapable of thinking for themselves!”

Do you want to know more about condom uses? Watch this!

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