Son Sends an iPhone 6 to His Parents Through LBC; Parents Received an Empty Package

When we send valuable items to our friends and loved ones, we usually send via known courier companies. It is better to be safe than sorry, right? But what if the most trusted courier company starts stealing from clients?

When it comes to delivery and money transfers, LBC is one of the most trusted companies in the Philippines. 

But of course, like other companies, there are employees who taint their employer’s good names. In the past months, there have been numerous complaints about LBC. From their very late deliveries—to items missing from packages.
Not so long ago, we wrote an article about a couple sending an iPhone (along with some chocolates) to their daughter. When their daughter opened the package, only the chocolates remained and the iPhone6 was gone. 

Though LBC resolved that particular case already, yet another iPhone 6 has been stolen while still in the hands of LBC. It seems that these employees have a knack for stealing iPhones, huh? 

Apparently, the client sent an iPhone 6 together with accessories, but only the box reached his parents.
Was having a peaceful sleep then suddenly I heard a knock at my room door and our helper told me that the package I sent to my parents arrived but the package was empty. I sent an iPhone 6 with accessories through LBC padala on Friday. Package was delivered/picked up by my parents at the LBC warehouse. They were shocked when they opened the package. The packaging, the Tupperware and the box were in tact but the iPhone 6 and the accessories were gone. Already called LBC customer care and asked me to file a claim which will take about 30 days for them to investigate. #LBCexpressPlease do something about this.

As soon as the post and article went viral, LBC took immediate action into replacing the victim’s iPhone. As for the culprits involved, LBC is still doing an internal investigation regarding the matter. Hopefully, this incident does not repeat itself. The culprit will not be able to use the iPhone as well, as the victim had the phone blocked. Ian Gaffud’s latest post regarding the update reads as follows:

UPDATE!!! LBC resolved the case in less than 24 hours. I would like to thank the LBC staff for resolving this promptly. Thanks to sir Benj, Israel, Jenna. I forgot the name of the other person. Coming to my place is not necessary but again thanks for the quick resolution.

To all the people who were asking, as per official statement of LBC, they have refunded the declared value plus shipping fees. This is clearly stated on the contract that every shipper is signing during the transaction. A lot are asking what happened to the phone? They will continue to investigate internally and once the culprit/s have been identified, a reasonable punishment will be called for him/her/them.

Thanks everyone for helping me share the previous post. The action definitely caught the attention of the head management of LBC.
NOTE: Make sure to check the package before leaving the location, have them seal the package in front of you. Sign across the tape to avoid tampering. And please declare the actual value of what you are shipping. Best to open the package infront of the delivery guy upon delivery.
I also called GLOBE to finally block the lost phone. So whoever took the phone will not be able to use it anymore.

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