She Hid Under Her Boyfriend’s Bed to See How He Handles Their Breakup—and He Does THIS!

In a relationship, being doubtful about your partner’s true and sincere feelings is normal. There are times when we suspect our partners for being unfaithful and insincere, that we sometimes do unreasonable things to ‘check’ or ‘test’ how they truly feel about us. 

This woman felt something was off, and she wanted to ‘test’ her boyfriend. She wrote a breakup letter and hid under her boyfriend’s bed to see how he reacts. Will he be broken-hearted—or would he be glad it’s over?

To get some answers to these questions, she wrote her boyfriend a letter saying that the relationship was over, that she’d had enough, and that she didn’t see any sense in continuing the relationship. 

Really all she wanted was a reaction from him, but didn’t actually want to leave him.

Once she finished the letter, she placed it on her boyfriend’s desk where she knew he would find it. She didn’t want to miss her boyfriend’s reaction, so she hid under his bed and waited.

Finally her boyfriend came home. She was nervous and excited, lying tensely under the bed. He entered the room and started to read the letter. When he finished reading, the woman couldn’t believe her ears. 

What on earth? He was whistling while he grabbed his phone. This couldn’t be happening. She heard her boyfriend say:
“Hello darling, I’m coming over. The dummy finally got the drift that I’ve been cheating. She’s finally left. What a mistake, that relationship. I’m so happy to be free of her. I wish I’d met you earlier. See you soon!”
The woman was stunned. How could this be? She really had no idea. She lay there in shock for a few minutes. Her boyfriend seemed to be collecting a few things. Once he left the apartment, her tears started to pour down her face. She slowly crawled out from her hiding place.
She pulled herself together and looked around the room. There was a second letter on the desk. It was from her boyfriend, addressed to her. 

She picked it up and started to read it. When she was finished, she felt so ashamed, but seriously relieved. How stupid could she be? The letter read:
“You buffoon, next time you want to trick me, make sure your feet aren’t hanging out from under the bed. Just gone to the store. See you soon Love.”
He was on the phone with somebody else—seconds after they break up!

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