She Found Out That Another Woman Was Sending Nudes Photos to Her Boyfriend. What She Did Was INSANE!

A Facebook user named Vanna Jimenez was slammed by the netizens after another woman spread her private photos online! 

Clara Mendoza, the woman who spread the photos online, caught her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman. And the worst is that they've been exchanging nude photos.

Mendoza then stated that Jimenez was her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. Clara also revealed that her boyfriend was the one who flirted with Jimenez once. But then, she never thought that the woman would go so low to the point that she'd even send nudes to her boyfriend.

"Ang dami mo excuses. "Sya nauna lumandi", "Ako ang nilapitan" Just so you know, There is no way to convince me that what you did was okay or excusable. Alam mo'ng may girlfriend ang boyfriend ko... So basically, YOU ARE MAKING COMPETITIONS WHERE THERE WEREN'T ANY AND FRANKLY SHOULDN'T BE ANY. THIS WASN'T A GAME OF FINDERS KEEPERS. AND EVEN IF WE ARE CHILDISH ENOUGH TO CALL THIS A GAME, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE WON BECAUSE, SIMPLY PUT, YOU WERE NOT THE FIRST." Clara said. 

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