Man Refused to Have Eye Contact During Love Making so His Partner Cut Off His Genitals

A woman from Arizona is now imprisoned for cutting her partner's genitals while making love.

Shania Jones, 34 years old, wanted her partner to look at her in the eyes during intercourse but apparently, the guy couldn't, probably because Jones is cross-eyed.

Bruce Fox, Jones' partner, had his penis cut off during their love making. Jones castrated him in fury when Fox couldn't do what the cross-eyed woman wants - look her in the eyes.

Jones told the authorities that she was already sick of the man who always refuse to look her in the eyes.

The incident happened on a Tuesday night. When they were getting it down to business, Jones asked Fox to look at her eyes but he refused so the former abruptly grabbed a knife and cut off the latter's penis. 

Fox then immediately went outside as the bizarre woman laid on bed. Fortunately, Fox was helped by emergency services and they were able to stop the liberal gushing of blood, preventing Fox to pass out.

Jones was charged as guilty and is now facing an 8-year imprisonment.

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