His Job as a Health and Safety Officer for Topless Women Trampolining is the Best Job Ever!

This job isn’t for the weak of heart.

What exactly is the best job in the world? Some would say that their current job is probably the best job there is, but when you see this guy’s job—you’ll definitely think twice about yours!

Meet Lars Larson—he is the health and safety officer for topless women trampolining world championships! Sounds like an interesting job, eh? Well, his job isn’t easy. He needs to make sure that every girl is safe, and that all the equipment used are fit for jumping on.

If you’re wondering, what in the world is the topless women trampolining world championships? You guessed it right—it’s satirical! The video was apparently a ‘male breast cancer awareness’ ad, where Chris O’Dowd from “the IT Crowd” and “Bridesmaids”, played the role of Lars Larson.

Would you apply for this job if it were real? Well, get in line!

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