He Denied Having an Affair With Her — Until She Told the Court ‘Specifics About His Manhood’!

How many times have we been hurt because of cheating? If not first-hand, surely you have seen a friend or two get broken-hearted because they have been cheated on. May it have happened to us or a friend, it is definitely painful to be cheated on.
Cheating in a relationship is a very common occurrence. We cannot ignore that there are in fact many fish in the sea. Temptation to cheat on your partner is so easy because of this fact. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there’s a good chance you eventually will. And mind you, tying the knot doesn’t give you assurance either.
KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN – Mrs. Lin and Mr. Chen just found out that both of their spouses were cheating on them—with each other. But of course, both cheaters denied at first, until Mr. Chen was able to convince his wife to tell the truth.
Mrs. Chen admitted to the crime (since adultery is a felony in Taiwan), but Mr. Lin stuck to his claim that all of it wasn’t true. It was then that Mrs. Chen disclosed something very private about Mr. Lin—his manhood! Mrs. Chen described everything, from the ‘hairy mole’ on his manhood, to a red mark on his inner thigh—something Mr. Lin could never deny.
A judge has ordered that both spouses spend 4 months in jail and ordered them to pay a financial fine to their partners.

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