Girl Kicks Boyfriend's Private Part After Refusing to Buy Her Fruits

Boyfriends buying things for their girlfriends is normal, right? While there are some girlfriends who demand their partners to buy or give them something, there are also those who are shy to be the one in the receiving end.

This girl, however, belongs to the former - even higher the degree. A girlfriend went crazy on the streets of China after her partner refused to buy her fruits.

They had an argument first and the "supposedly" lady kicked her boyfriend's private part when she got really annoyed and emotional for his refusal to buy her the fruit.

Apparently, the fruit, a pear, was too pricey for the boyfriend to afford. The girlfriend started to scream at her partner first and when he told her outright that he wasn't buying her the pear, she kicked him in the nuts, which obviously hurt the guy.

Bystanders, of course, did not let the public argument and fight of a couple slid away without taking photos and videos of it. Netizens went angry at the girlfriend, saying that she didn't have to physically abuse her boyfriend just because she wasn't bought a thing she liked.

True love doesn't equate to things given, right? She should've just understood that her boyfriend couldn't afford it in the mean time. Maybe he would work hard for it first just so he could be able to buy it soon.

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