FAMEWHORE OR NOT: Netizen Claims That Filipinos Aae Hypocrites When It Comes to Standards of Beauty!

In today’s age of technology and social media, some people have been branded “narcissists” or “self-centered” as selfies have become almost a norm in our Newsfeeds. People are now also more willing to express their thoughts, sentiments, opinions, and whatnot through their own statuses and pictures. 

Facebook user Giselle Mabalot posted two pictures and claimed that people, Filipinos Filipinos, especially, are very hypocritical when it comes to their own standards of beauty. 

In her post are two different shots of girls. The left side featured an otherwise normal-looking girl with ordinary features, but had no bra on, while the picture on the right showed a busty girl with a more attractive appearance. She appears to have no bra on as well.

Mabalot said that the girl on the left side was called a “fame wh**e” while the girl on the right side was highly complimented by Filipinos and had lots of likes, comments, and shares on Facebook.

According to her, this made her realize something: unless your beauty meets the so-called Filipino standards, then you are just a “fame wh**” who is desperate to seek attention through your picture or a “selfie.” 

Mabalot also hashtagged her post with “#hypocrites” and “#crabmentality.” She implied that just because the girl on the right side (the one wearing a white camisole) looked more attractive, people were quick to hit the “like button.”

Meanwhile, the girl on the right (the one wearing an orange shirt) was tagged as a “fame wh**” because she was not that attractive anyway—at least, that’s what Mabalot implied. 

Many netizens agreed with Mabalot’s view and said that what she posted about the girls and Filipinos’ perceptions of beauty were “true.” 

Here are some of their thoughts on the issue: 

Mark Jordan Cabural: “I don't necessarily believe that labeling should ever be used, but if all these girls do is post on social media with nothing else going for them in their lives, then I believe they technically are just doing it for the fame.”

“I believe that all people are beautiful and you should feel free to express your body, but I don't believe that it's justifiable for her to only post pictures for likes haha” 

Lucienne Rosales: “Nothing wrong with showing your tits. It's disturbing how the girl in the left receives death threats and insults, people are so miserable really” 

Eljhay Mercolita: “Its bec the girl on the left is not that pretty (with laughing-with-tears emojiganon naman talaga.Pag pangit ang nag post, papansinPag magandasyempre puro positive comments. Hahahaha!”

What do you think about this issue? Do you agree with what Mabalot said? 

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