Desperate Dad Sacrifices Everything Just to Fulfill His Daughter’s ‘Simple’ Dying Wish! A MUST-WATCH!

He gives up everything he has worked for his entire life—just to make his daughter happy for a day.

While some parents abandon their own children, some parents would do anything just to make their children happy and safe. These parents would sacrifice even their own lives, and seeing their children suffering can be heart-wrenching for them.

This dad has been taking care of his daughter in the hospital for months. Doctors are already giving up on her, knowing she has no way of surviving her disease.
It was just a matter of time, and her dad knew that too. What breaks his heart the most is when he sees his daughter in pain.

His daughter had one simple wish—and it was a wish he could fulfill if he would literally sacrifice all of his life’s work. He was living in fear almost every day, thinking it might be his daughter’s last.
He knew he had to do something to make her happy for even a day—even if it means his own life would be at stake.
Watch this selfless father’s desperate act to make his daughter happy:

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